So this is my first of many posts on reviewing businesses that I have dealt with in Brisbane and one of my businesses revolves around steel fencing so looking for the right source of Brisbane steel supplies is paramount to the success of my business.

The issue is I have literally been through more than a dozen of the so called best steel suppliers in Brisbane and the experience to be honest has been nothing short of irritating. Before you thinks this is a useless post of me ranting my way about the many suppliers of steel here (mainly in between Gold Coast and Brisbane) please understand that the whole point of this blog is for me to share my experiences with you so hopefully you do not waste your precious time and money on banter and travel.

The steel suppliers I dealt with either had no interest for real long lasting business relationship, or were not interested in providing a custom quote based on small orders first. What is worse, most of them did not email reply back to my requests for a call back or a quote on the services. Some even replied back after 4 days and said they had a missed call or message for them to call me comments lol.

The story does have a happy ending though, I Google'd Steel Supplies Brisbane and was fortunate enough to come across, a Brisbane based supplier headed by mr. Sean Garro, a very down to earth happy chap who refers to himself as the hoddog lover which I am still scratching my head trying to figure out what he means. He was polite enough to meet up with me in a Brisbane cafe and even shouted me coffee and we discussed how we could be in business together. A number of other services his company offers include: Steel installating and fencing.

Sean like me runs several businesses so knows the importance of having a top notch level of customer service. Needless to say I was sold. I ordered my first batch of steel from Sean and will be ordering many more from him in the future. He literally did "steel" me away from the other competitors out there who will not be having my business.

If you are looking to getting the best steel money can buy be sure to call Sean and mention Eman referred you for the best prices no matter where you are in Australia. All the services come with iron clad guarantee and the steel will be dropped to your address like it has at my workshop without me having to delegate, chase up or organise the bits and bolts.

Steel Giants have been a big part of the construction industry supplying steel building materials for over 14 years. All the staff are fully trained and managed by the man himself and he is a perfectionist (we share the same month of Birth, September, a common trait with Virgos).

I hope this review has been useful for you especially if you are looking at steel in the building and construction forte.

Hi folks my name is Eman and this is my personal blog of reviews of businesses based in Brisbane, Australia. I am glad you stopped by. I am interested in keeping this blog real simple and help share my experiences with the world about the different places and businesses I come across in my trip down under here in Brisbane, Australia.

I must say I never expected travelling down here and calling this beautiful city Brisbane my new home. Something has drawn me to this place and I realised there were two fold: Business and the lifestyle.

As a businessman who has traveled the world I am interested to mainly talk about businesses here and will share the experiences and details of the good folks that I have dealt with here. A little referral for good business goes a long way I am sure you will agree with me.

Living in Brisbane, Australia you will see a massive change in the numbers of new businesses proliferating in the city as well as the tradie and industrial type businesses showing up in the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast. This turn out of new Brisbane businesses has done its fill of wonderful results and only attracted more businesses from all corners of Australia to come visit this place. Brisbane is in my opinion one of the best livable places around the world. This is a place immersed rich in culture, cosmopolitan and metro feel with the added benefit of fun and things to do while here. There are no shortages of seminars for businesses and entrepreneurs here either, I myself come across several business owners and Brisbane based businesses who happily hand me their business cards and eventually will lead us to the laiden path of reciprocal business dealing..."People do business with people they know and trust" as the old motto goes ;).

This blog will be my personal log of business reviews in Brisbane and my aim is to keep adding to it as I come in contact with more industries and organisations. Living in Brisbane I noticed there are not too many blogs written about people who share their livelihood here and showcase to the world what living here is all about.

This is an about me page so let me go through real quick who I am... <drums rolling> - pause of goes: my name is Eman Bahrani, born in Shiraz and moved to Australia in pursuit of my Univerisity degree. I had a lot of fun learning and applying my double degree in IT and Business Information Systems. This five year course gave me a wealth of experience dealing with businesses in Australia, namely Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Owning my own digital marketing and corporate consultancy business has taught me that the digital age is upon us and no business can truly breathe without a truly optimised presence online. This huge shift of paradoxical thinking and seeing the majority moving away from traditional media and embracing the digital space and online marketing and advertising made me rethink my career path which ultimately lead me to choosing the path of an Online Entrepreneur based here in Brisbane.

In my books the greatest form of leads and customer generation is referral marketing. There is so much you can achieve once you achieve a level of customer service where you meet and exceed customer expectations.

Enough about business...hope I did not bore you to death lol.

What do I like to do here in Brisbane? I always start every morning hanging out some of the many cafe's in the city like Star Bucks and Coffee Club near the riverside where all the fireworks and celebrations like Riverfire take place. Then I hit one of the many Brisbane gyms I have free membership to. People are so nice and polite here in contrast to a lot of the other places I have been to in Australia and a lot of these places offer free membership or trials so a switch is so easy lol...just don't tell too many people .

After gym, it is time to suit up and start the day with coffee number two and training online going through the many modules and answering emails. Then begins the time to attend the many meetings  I normally have during the day with the businesses in Brisbane that (some of them will be talked about in this blog and reviewed) and then comes time to head out with friends in the evening, usually to one of the asian eateries in Queens St Mall and then a movie or shisha session (flavoured tobacco) and then back home to relax in my apartment.

Well this is all about me and I hope you did enjoy my blog as much as I enjoy visit me on here...stay tuned for more details.

I leave you with a timelapse of Brisbane at night: